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Corsica (and Sardinia) (Transport)

by johntimber E-mail, Samstag, Juli 07, 2018, 15:38


My friend and I have just booked flights to Corsica for the beginning of September. It's all quite off the cuff as neither of us have done anything like this before, but we were hoping to do some cycling on the island. We basically have a week to get from Bastia to Bonifacio for a ferry to Sardinia... is this doable for pretty amateurish cyclists (I think we could quite happily cycle in the region of 40 miles per day and still enjoy ourselves)?Also, we aren't planning to take our own bikes over from England. I've seen that there are plenty of bike rental facilities, but is there the opportunity to hire from one place and drop them off in another - i.e. are there companies that would allow us to rent a bike in Bastia and return it to another branch in Ajaccio/Bonifacio etc? Or would we have to bring our own bikes for this kind of trip?Lastly, any recommendation regarding routes? - there seem to be plenty of campsites etc along the coast and I'm assuming the terrain is less trying?

Please help.

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